Monday, June 8, 2009

2nd of introduction

i didnt manage to go for a 40km of mt.biking, but at least i manage to change the old tube for the front tire.

its a month and 2 days since i registered for KMM on 11th May..
by this time, theres plenty of my friend leave KMM as they received, might be a better offer from PSD/JPA or MARA or any other universities.
eventhough its just a month where i get to know them..
im missing them as we eat, laugh and share(refer McD`s) together for a month...
let me list the name..

Muhamad Mustaqim bin Ali (UiTM)
Syazwan Afiq (USIM, Foundation)
Khairul Ikhwan (UiTM, CCA)
Tiang Ko-Ping (PSD, A-Level)
Wong Kit Yeng (PSD, A-Level)

thats the only people i knew..
but i believe theres more..
so my buddy,
best of luck in the new environment..
i`ll always pray for u, for us to succed together
and i`ll always miss u, whether u miss me or not..

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