Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mt. Biking

i cant wait.i reallyreally cant wait to post my first entry..

why people dont really like mountain biking?can anybody give me a strong excuse, so i wont bother anyone, begging them, persuade them, to buy a bike and be my partner, downhilling, explore the woods..
every month, i gotta have a copy of mountain bike, i`ll ask any of my friend who stay in KL, to buy me a copy..
or me myself go to KL..
just for a copy of magz that cost me rm20++..(if i add 7more buck, i`ll be able to buy a bus ticket to my hometown, haha)

teens today prefer to loiter around the mall, window shopping(mostly as i knew most of them hv thin pocket)
play video games, instead of explore the woods and learn from nature..
but WHY??

i hope that Jonny T, Brian Lopes, Greg Minaar, Alison Dunlap, Tinker Juarez..etc.etc..would come to Malaysia and feel the malay woods..

i promise i would wake up early in the morning tomorrow, prepare to put my pedals on..
and make 40km cross-country, before i catch my bus at 1pm..

this guy is Steve Peat.more pictures of bikers on next entries

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