Monday, June 8, 2009

2nd of introduction

i didnt manage to go for a 40km of mt.biking, but at least i manage to change the old tube for the front tire.

its a month and 2 days since i registered for KMM on 11th May..
by this time, theres plenty of my friend leave KMM as they received, might be a better offer from PSD/JPA or MARA or any other universities.
eventhough its just a month where i get to know them..
im missing them as we eat, laugh and share(refer McD`s) together for a month...
let me list the name..

Muhamad Mustaqim bin Ali (UiTM)
Syazwan Afiq (USIM, Foundation)
Khairul Ikhwan (UiTM, CCA)
Tiang Ko-Ping (PSD, A-Level)
Wong Kit Yeng (PSD, A-Level)

thats the only people i knew..
but i believe theres more..
so my buddy,
best of luck in the new environment..
i`ll always pray for u, for us to succed together
and i`ll always miss u, whether u miss me or not..

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mt. Biking

i cant wait.i reallyreally cant wait to post my first entry..

why people dont really like mountain biking?can anybody give me a strong excuse, so i wont bother anyone, begging them, persuade them, to buy a bike and be my partner, downhilling, explore the woods..
every month, i gotta have a copy of mountain bike, i`ll ask any of my friend who stay in KL, to buy me a copy..
or me myself go to KL..
just for a copy of magz that cost me rm20++..(if i add 7more buck, i`ll be able to buy a bus ticket to my hometown, haha)

teens today prefer to loiter around the mall, window shopping(mostly as i knew most of them hv thin pocket)
play video games, instead of explore the woods and learn from nature..
but WHY??

i hope that Jonny T, Brian Lopes, Greg Minaar, Alison Dunlap, Tinker Juarez..etc.etc..would come to Malaysia and feel the malay woods..

i promise i would wake up early in the morning tomorrow, prepare to put my pedals on..
and make 40km cross-country, before i catch my bus at 1pm..

this guy is Steve Peat.more pictures of bikers on next entries

scusse me

this blog specially created for KMM..
my english wasnt so GOOD..
so, any mistakeS..
do correct me..
i`ll be very glad to listen to my TEACHER..

by the way..
please click this to see another link of mine..
in malay, im staying in malaysia, and was born in kuala terengganu..
and it stated that bahasa malaysia is Malaysia`s 1st language, followed by english..

and this another, link
where my other 5 friends and me..
are young entrepreneur..

that`s it for today,
im done..
thanks anyway,
wasting your time..
on reading my craps..