Saturday, June 6, 2009

scusse me

this blog specially created for KMM..
my english wasnt so GOOD..
so, any mistakeS..
do correct me..
i`ll be very glad to listen to my TEACHER..

by the way..
please click this to see another link of mine..
in malay, im staying in malaysia, and was born in kuala terengganu..
and it stated that bahasa malaysia is Malaysia`s 1st language, followed by english..

and this another, link
where my other 5 friends and me..
are young entrepreneur..

that`s it for today,
im done..
thanks anyway,
wasting your time..
on reading my craps..


  1. Hey there, Luqman Hadi! Shud i call you Luq or Hadi? Neway.. I'm Anita one of the blogger too..(ignore my lousy pic in KKM ChatterBox =_=)

    Neway... I'm now recruiting members for my Anime Manga GAmes and Cosplay Club called UnderGround Evolution (UDG Evo: AMGC Club) ...

    So if you interested in joining do send me ur full name & matrix num.. TQ..

    L (Msn or Ym)

  2. Hey L here.. answer to ur question is here >> here