Wednesday, July 8, 2009


that night, 26th June 2009, Friday..
i was listening to, when i was realised,
the headline that night..

`Tribute to Michael Jackson`..
-tonight, we provide you all-time MJ`s song-
said the DJ`s..

i was wondering..
`wad happen to him?`
`i thought he`s going to perform somewhere in London sooner`

so i asked my friends..
wad they replied was very heart-breaking to me..
he had gone..

because of heart failure/compilation..
King of Pop had gone..
i just couldnt believe..
one of my favourite `king` had gone..

i started to be a big fan of him when my elder tune to MJ`s thriller cassette..
it was 1998..
its been 11yrs when i started listening to his music..
but now, the legend has gone..

currently, winamp`s playing MJ`s You`re Not Alone..

MJ, no matter you`re Black or White, You`re Not Alone, and dont worry, we`ll try to Heal The World..

guys, its time to UPS


  1. i feel u. I was sad about MJ's death too. its so sudden and heartbreaking.